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Job Vacancy in Department of Training. The Department of Training, also known as the Department of Education and Training, is a government agency responsible for developing, implementing, and managing education and training policies and programs in a particular country. Its primary goal is to ensure that citizens have access to high-quality education and training that meets the needs of the economy and society.

Job Vacancy in Department of Training

Functions of the Department of Training

The Department of Training has a wide range of functions that are designed to promote education and training at all levels, from early childhood education to vocational training and higher education.

Some of the main functions of the department include:

  1. Developing and implementing education and training policies: The department is responsible for developing policies that promote education and training and ensure that they meet the needs of the community. These policies may include funding, curriculum development, and teacher training.
  2. Providing funding and grants: The department provides funding and grants to schools, universities, and training organizations to support the delivery of education and training programs.
  3. Monitoring and evaluating education and training programs: The department is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of education and training programs and ensuring that they meet the required standards.
  4. Providing support to students: The department provides support to students through scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial assistance.
  5. Regulating education and training providers: The department is responsible for regulating education and training providers to ensure that they meet the required standards and provide quality education and training programs.


  • Principle – 1Post

Pay Package:

  • Principle – Rs. 1,44,200

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