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Job Vacancy in Indian Council of Social Science. Are you passionate about social sciences. And eager to contribute to the development of the nation? Look no further than the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR). As a premier research institution in India, the ICSSR offers a range of job vacancies for individuals seeking a fulfilling career in the field of social sciences

Job Vacancy in Indian Council of Social Science

If you have a passion for social sciences and want to make a meaningful contribution to society, exploring job vacancies at the Indian Council of Social Science Research is a worthwhile endeavor. With diverse job opportunities, a stimulating work environment. And a commitment to promoting social science research, ICSSR offers a gateway to a rewarding and fulfilling career.

1.About the Indian Council of Social Science Research:

The ICSSR is an autonomous organization funded by the Government of India. Its primary objective is to promote and fund research in various disciplines of social sciences, including economics, sociology, political science, psychology, and more. The council plays a pivotal role in generating knowledge, shaping policies, and facilitating social science research across the country.

2.Diverse Job Opportunities:

The ICSSR offers a wide range of job vacancies catering to different skill sets and qualifications. Whether you are a research scholar, an experienced academician, or a professional with expertise in administration, finance, or information technology, there are numerous opportunities available to match your interests and qualifications.

3.Research Positions:

For research enthusiasts, the ICSSR provides opportunities to work as Research Fellows, Research Associates, or Research Assistants. These positions allow you to engage in cutting-edge research, collaborate with renowned scholars, and contribute to critical research projects that address pressing social issues.

4.Benefits and Growth Opportunities:

Working at ICSSR comes with several benefits, including a competitive salary, opportunities for professional development, access to research resources and collaborations, and a conducive work environment that promotes intellectual growth. Additionally, ICSSR encourages a culture of innovation and continuous learning, providing employees with ample opportunities for growth and advancement in their careers.


  • Consultant(Junior Research) – 7Post
  • Consultant(Legal) – 1Post
  • Consultant(Audit) – 3Post
  • Office Assistant – 6Post

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