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Job Vacancy in National Disaster Management. Disasters can strike at any time and anywhere, causing damage to property and loss of life. Whether it’s natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, or human-made disasters like terrorist attacks, fires, or industrial accidents, the impact can be devastating.

Job Vacancy in National Disaster Management

The system comprises of various components like preparedness, response

Preparedness is the key to effective disaster management. It involves planning, training, and equipping communities, organizations, and governments to handle disasters. The preparedness phase involves identifying potential hazards, assessing risks, and developing emergency plans to respond to them.


The response phase involves the immediate action taken to save lives, protect property, and meet basic human needs. The response phase begins as soon as a disaster occurs, and the first priority is to assess the situation and determine the extent of damage and the resources required to address it.


  • Duty Officer – 1Post


  • Five years experience in administration and operational areas.
  • Defence forces or central police organization or Telecommunications

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