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Job Vacancy in National Institute of Biomedical. The National Institute of Biomedical, also known as NIB, is a research institution in Japan dedicated to advancing biomedical research and improving public health. Founded in 1970, the institute is part of the National Institutes of Natural Sciences and is located in Tokyo.

NIB has a wide range of research programs, including studies on cancer, infectious diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and regenerative medicine. The institute is also known for its contributions to the field of biotechnology, including the development of new drugs and diagnostic tools.

One of the key strengths of NIB is its multidisciplinary approach to research. The institute brings together researchers from diverse fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering, to collaborate on cutting-edge research projects. This approach has led to many breakthroughs in understanding the fundamental mechanisms of disease and developing new treatments.

NIB is also committed to training the next generation of researchers in Japan and around the world. The institute offers a variety of training programs, including graduate courses, postdoctoral fellowships, and international collaborations. Many of the institute’s alumni have gone on to successful careers in academia, industry, and government.

National Institute of Biomedical is a world-class research institution dedicated to advancing our understanding of biology and improving public health. Its multidisciplinary approach, commitment to training, and outreach efforts make it an important resource for the scientific community and the general public like.


  • Professor – 1Post
  • Technical Assistant – 1Post
  • Assistant Professor – 1Post
  • NIBMG Fellow(Contractual) – 1Post

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