chief medical social service officer

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The ‘non-clinical’ departments shall all be roped into providing some or the other clinical services to keep them in the hub of activity. For example: Department of Anatomy – embalmming, cyto genetics, DNA finger printing, osteology & ultrasound, Department of Physiology – Pulmonary Function Tests, Cardiac Function, Cardiac Cycle, Blood Volume, Yoga, Plethysmography, Department of Biochemistry- entire Clinical Biochemistry, Community and Family Medicine – Family Planning and Triage clinics, Rural & Urban Community Health, Pharmacology- Drug Monitoring, Pharmaco-Epidemiology, Pathology- Cyto and Histopathology, Clinical Autopsy, Microbiology- Bacteriology and Virology, fungal cultures, Forensic Medicine and Toxicology- clinical and hospital generated medico-legal postmortems, Laboratory Medicine & Biotechnology – high-end Genomics, Proteionomics, Metabonomics and Immunology besides training in biotechnology.

Ministry of health & family welfare

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