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FSSAI is the standards setting body of food, where mandatory vertical and horizontal science based standards are set across the food value chain.  The Food Safety Standards are developed/reviewed taking into account the latest developments in food science, food consumption pattern, new products and additives, advancement in the processing technology and food analytical methods, and identification of new risks.  The development of standards is undertaken by 21 Scientific Panels and a Scientific Committee comprising of more than 250 subject independent experts/scientists of eminence.

Codex unit deals with the issues relating to Convening meetings of Shadow Committee; National Codex Committee; Core group; Debriefing; Task Force; Workshops; and Colloquium.

Food Safety Management System fosters a culture of safe food for over 1.3 billion people based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).  FSSAI develops guidance documents, codes of practices etc., which is used for upgrading the level of food safety implementation by the food business, especially in the SME sector across the country.

Risk Assessment Cell develops framework for carrying out risk assessment based studies.  Scheme of Research & Development/ Food Quality and Safety has been developed by the Authority.  FSSAI through Grant in Aid supports the research projects/proposals achieving the objecting of the Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006.

Ministry of health & family welfare

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