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Looking to the specialise┬ánature of the subject on “Disability”, the wide ranging work to be done in the light of the UNCRPT, and the inadequacy of existing implementation structure, the time has now come to upgrade the existing Disability Bureau in the M/o SJ&E. The decision to create a separate Department of Disability Affairs within the M/o SJ&E was taken up by the Government, in principle on 3rd January, 2012. This was also announced by the President before both houses of Parliament on 12th March, 2012.

Now the two departments have been created under the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment vide notification dated 12.5.2012, namely:-

(i)  Department of Social Justice and Empowerment (Samajik Nyaya and Adhikarita Vibhag)

(ii)  Department of Disability Affairs (Nishaktata Karya Vibhag)

Ministry of Social justice & Empowerment

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