Vacancy in Anti Doping Agency

Vacancy in Anti Doping Agency. Anti-Doping Agencies are responsible for ensuring that athletes and sports organizations comply with the rules and regulations regarding prohibited substances and methods in sports. Anti-Doping Agency refers to an open position within the organization that needs to be filled by a qualified candidate.

Vacancy in Anti Doping Agency

The Anti-Doping Agency is an organization that is responsible. For ensuring that athletes compete in sports without the use of performance-enhancing drugs or other banned substances. The agency works to promote and protect the integrity of sport by implementing anti-doping programs. Conducting testing for banned substances. And enforcing penalties for athletes who violate anti-doping rules.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is the international agency responsible for coordinating and monitoring the fight against doping in sport. WADA was established in 1999. As an independent foundation under the initiative of the International Olympic Committee. It is responsible for creating and maintaining the World Anti-Doping Code, which is the framework for the rules and policies of anti-doping in sport.

The Anti-Doping Agency operates under the principles of fairness, integrity. And transparency its goal is to ensure that all athletes have an equal opportunity to compete and win on a level playing field. To achieve this, the agency conducts drug testing at competitions. And out-of-competition, investigates reports of doping. And imposes sanctions on athletes who have violated anti-doping rules.

The Anti-Doping Agency also works with sports organizations, governments, and other stakeholders to promote education and awareness about doping in sport. It provides resources and training to athletes, coaches, and medical personnel to help them understand the risks and consequences of doping and to make informed decisions about their own health and performance.


  • Scientific Director – 1Post
  • Senior Scientific Officer – 1Post
  • Scientific Officer – 1Post
  • Junior Scientific Officer – 1Post
  • Law Officer – 1Post
  • Web Manager cum IT Expert – 1Post
  • Investigator – 1Post
  • Executive Assistant – 1Post
  • Personal Assistant – 1Post
  • Administrative Assistant – 1Post
  • Accountant – 1Post

Pay Package:

  • Scientific Director – Rs. 1,23,100 – 2,15,900
  • Senior Scientific Officer – Rs. 78,800 – 2,09,200
  • Scientific Officer – Rs. 56,100 – 1,77,500
  • Junior Scientific Officer – Rs. 47,600 – 1,51,100
  • Law Officer – Rs. 56,100 – 1,77,500
  • Web Manager cum IT Expert – Rs. 47,600 – 1,51,100
  • Investigator – Rs. 47,600 – 1,51,100
  • Executive Assistant – Rs. 44,900 – 1,42,400
  • Personal Assistant – Rs. 35,400 – 1, 12, 400
  • Administrative Assistant – Rs. 35,400 – 1, 12, 400
  • Accountant – Rs. 35,400 – 1,12,400

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