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Vacancy in Central Information Commission. The Central Information Commission (CIC) is an independent statutory body in India responsible for ensuring transparency and accountability in the functioning of public authorities. The CIC is mandated to receive and adjudicate complaints and appeals regarding access to information held by public authorities under the Right to Information Act, 2005.

Vacancy in Central Information Commission

As of 2021, the CIC is facing a vacancy rate of over 50%, with only six Information Commissioners in place against a sanctioned strength of eleven. This situation has resulted in a massive backlog of appeals and complaints, with many applicants having to wait for months or even years before their cases are heard.

The reasons for the high vacancy rate in the CIC are varied, but they primarily stem from the lack of political will and the delays in the appointment process. The CIC is supposed to be an independent and autonomous body, but the appointments of Information Commissioners are made by the central government, and political considerations often come into play. Moreover, the process of appointment itself is slow, with the selection committee often taking months or even years to recommend names for appointment.

The impact of the high vacancy rate in the CIC is significant, both in terms of the delays in the processing of appeals and complaints and in terms of the erosion of public trust in the institution. It is essential for the government to take urgent steps to fill the vacancies in the CIC and restore its credibility as an institution committed to transparency and accountability. The government should expedite the appointment process and ensure that the selection committee is constituted in a timely manner. Moreover, the appointments should be made on merit, with due regard to the qualifications and experience of the candidates.


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