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Vacancy in Ghanl Khan Institute of Engineering. Searching for job opportunities in the engineering field can be an exciting yet challenging endeavor. If you’re considering a career in engineering and are particularly interested in joining a prestigious institution, the Ghanl Khan Choudhury Institute of Engineering could be an excellent choice.

Vacancy in Ghanl Khan Institute of Engineering

Ghanl Khan Choudhury Institute of Engineering presents exciting job opportunities for aspiring engineers and professionals in various disciplines. By staying updated with the institute’s official website or other reputable sources, you can keep track of the latest job vacancies and submit your application accordingly.

1.Overview of Ghanl Khan Choudhury Institute of Engineering:

The Ghanl Khan Choudhury Institute of Engineering (GKCIET) is a reputed technical institution located in Malda, West Bengal, India. It offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in engineering and technology. The institute has a strong emphasis on practical training, research, and industry collaboration, making it an attractive place for aspiring engineers.

2.Job Vacancies at GKCIET:

GKCIET periodically announces job vacancies across different departments and disciplines. The specific vacancies available may vary depending on the institute’s requirements and ongoing projects. Some common positions that are often advertised include:

a) Faculty Positions:

GKCIET seeks qualified and experienced individuals to join their faculty team. These positions typically include professors, associate professors, and assistant professors. Candidates with expertise in specific engineering disciplines and a passion for teaching and research are highly preferred.

b) Non-Faculty Positions:

Besides academic positions, GKCIET also offers various non-faculty positions in areas such as administration, finance, library, laboratory, and technical support. These positions play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the institute and provide valuable support to the academic staff.


  • Professor – 1Post
  • Associate Professor – 1Post
  • Assistant Professor – 1Post
  • Registrar – 1Post
  • Assistant Registrar – 1Post
  • Director – 1Post
  • Technical Assistant – 1Post

Last Date of Application:

  • 31.05.23

For More Details:

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