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Vacancy in National Academy of Letters. The National Academy of Letters, also known as the Akademi, is a prestigious institution dedicated to promoting and preserving literature, language, and culture. With its rich history and contribution to the literary landscape, the Academy stands as a beacon for writers, scholars, and language enthusiasts.

Vacancy in National Academy of Letters

The vacancy in the National Academy of Letters is an exceptional chance to be part of an institution that fosters literary excellence and preserves linguistic heritage. By joining the Academy, you can contribute to the rich literary tradition of your nation and make a meaningful impact in the field of literature, language, and culture.

1.The Role:

The vacancy in the National Academy of Letters presents a unique chance to become a part of an esteemed institution that celebrates literary excellence. As a member of the Academy, you would actively contribute to its vision of promoting diverse languages, supporting literary endeavors, and nurturing talent. The role entails active participation in shaping the literary landscape, collaborating with fellow members, and organizing literary events and festivals.

2.Application Process:

The application process for the vacancy in the National Academy of Letters typically involves submitting a comprehensive application package. This package may include a curriculum vitae highlighting relevant experience and achievements, a statement of purpose expressing your passion for literature and language, and samples of your literary work. It is crucial to carefully follow the application guidelines provided by the Academy and submit all required documents within the specified deadline.


  • Deputy Secretary – 1Post
  • Senior Accountant – 1Post
  • Publication Assistant – 1Post
  • Programmer Assistant – 1Post
  • Stenographer – 2Post

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